Play in the Powder Snow


The fumarole on Asahidake in the Daisetsuzan National Park is impossible to approach in the summer time,

but the winter allows us to snowshoe there. You will have an outstanding experience of the earth breathing with an unbelievable scenery with a panoramic view of the Daisetsuzan mountain range.


The nature on the 1,600m elevation is compared to 2,500m elevation on theHonshu mountains. You will get to play in the incomparable powder snow and the powder will never be the same after this recommended Motocracy tour. The fumarole is approachable only in the snowseason. From December to even May, you can play in the most Hokkaido-esque suddroundings.

Play in Powder Snow

Only in the Snowy Season! Asahidake Fumarole Tour!

18,000 yen(per person)


Dec. 15 - May. 6



18,000 yen(per person)


<A minimum party required>

2 people


<Items to bring>

-Warm clothes (Ski/Snowboard wear is ideal)

-Winter shoes (water-proof snow boots that cover your ankles are ideal)

-Gloves and Hat


<Time and Place>

8:30 JR Asahikawa Station South Exit Taxi Pickup(Google Map) / Hotels in the city center

*Please let us know the name of your hotel. We will pick you up.


<Tour Conductor>




Please make your reservation 2 days in advance



Credit Card in advance(VISA or Master) or Cash on the day