Forest Sauna


Asahikawa city in Hokkaido, where the freezing point is common every day in winter. We offer you “Finnish sauna” that can be enjoyed only in Asahikawa, where the temperature is so cold.


Forest sauna is located at the coniferous forest where Ayako Miura's novel "Hyoten" was set. You can enjoy "Rouryu" throwing water on the sauna stone. The most distinctive feature of a fireplace-type sauna using wood as a heat source is the warmth of steam generated from the fire. It is so gentle and comfortable that you want to stay forever. The only fuel required to heat the sauna is "wood". Using firewood from Hokkaido, this is one of the environmentally friendly experiences not only for the body but also for the environment. Once you've warmed up, let's go into the frigid snow scene! ! Please enjoy the warmth of the sauna and the cold winter of Asahikawa during the winter.


4,000 yen(per person)

1,000 yen(12 or under) 



Jan. 5 - Mar. 22


<Number of Guests>

1 to 5 (chartered)



 ①   8:30~10:00

 ② 10:00~11:30

 ③ 11:30~13:00

 ④ 13:00~14:30

 ⑤ 14:30~16:00



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  *Please let us know the name of your hotel. We will pick you up. 



 Please make your reservation by 21:00 on the previous day.



Credit card in advance or Cash on the day



All are in wears for sauna, so men and women can enjoy together.