SKI CAB -Kamui Ski Links-


Kamui Ski Links is located in the suburb of the Asahikawa city center. You will find one of the best Hokkaido powder. Known for the wider course than ones of the majoiry of ski resorts in the nation, Kamui Ski Links is a secret haven for powder hunters.

The recently renewed rental shop has top brands like "FISCHER" and other professional gear in stock for avid skiers. This season will see the renewed restaurant at the peak of the mountain, which will serve authentic Italian dishes to give you a refined dining experience.

Enjoy the 25 unique courses you will need days to finish!

Kamui Ski Links

Transport and Kamui Ski Links 1 day lift!

* 1 person             18,000 yen per person

* 2 persons            12,000 yen per person

* 3 to 4 persons     10,000 yen per person

* 5 to 8 persons     9,000 yen per person

< Availability >

Dec. 15 - Mar. 22


< Price >

* 1 person    18,000 yen per person

* 2 persons    12,000 yen per person

* 3 to 4 persons  10,000 yen per person

* 5 to 8 persons  9,000 yen per person


*You can get discount at the time of payment as follows, so please fill in the birth date.

・discount for child (12 or under) : 2,000 yen per person

・discount for senior (60 or over) : 600 yen per person


<A minimum party required>

1 person


<Time and Place>

Please inform us with the pick-up time and the name of your hotel.

We will pick up your party.


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Please make your reservation by 6 pm on the previous day



Credit Card in advance or Cash on the day